Nellara, Your Prominent Food Ingredient Supplier in Dubai

Dubai is regarded as the global destination for business, entertainment, sports, and, of course, delightful cuisine. The country is blessed with a variety of multinational contributions to its food culture. Many households, cafeterias, and restaurant chains consider Nellara as their reliable food ingredient supplier in Dubai owing to the diversity of flavours it brings to the kitchen.

We believe the quality of ingredients plays a pivotal role in making any dish super tasty, and our effort is to provide you with the finest quality of ingredients available on the market.


Nellara offers a variety of choices for customers to choose from. Our catalogue is filled with spices, rice, curry masalas, different types of pickles, etc. All of our products are truly authentic and produced under hygienic conditions that meet international standards.


Our goal is to supply quality food ingredients to our customers at reasonable prices. Nellara has always focused on satisfying its consumers with premier quality, thus improving their standard of life.

How Does Nellara Serve You as the Leading Food Ingredient Supplier in Dubai?

Nellara, as a trustworthy food ingredient supplier, has its products available across the GCC, India, the USA, Australia and parts of central Africa. As a reputed food manufacturing company in the Middle East, we have a very modern and sound infrastructure to deal with our customers’ demands.


Indian spices have an impeccable demand in the foreign market, especially in the Arabic food culture, and we import quality spices from Kerala to supply our consumers with the finest.


Our food processing units are always under the supervision of experts to assure the quality and hygiene of our products. In recent years, we have witnessed unprecedented demand for our Indian products, which inspired us to increase our production capacity to reach our consumers quickly and precisely. All of the ingredients we use in our food products are directly handpicked from South India’s selected crops, and our food processing is a completely transparent process by blending traditional and modern methods based on the nature and size of the raw materials.

Nellara’s Different Types of Pickles

Nellara is a renowned food manufacturing company in the Middle East and has a variety of food products to offer its customers. Our different types of pickles are hygienically prepared by using fresh ingredients, as we believe that both hygiene and purity are directly related to taste.


We offer a wide variety of pickles at very reasonable prices, including mango, dates, lemon, green chillies, fish, garlic, mixed vegetables, and so on.


Our full-fledged production units experiment with making the pickle as organic and natural as possible while retaining the authentic savoury flavor. We don’t add any preservatives or colouring agents to our pickles to make them more attractive. You can feel the difference by just having one of our special pickles.


From preparing every pickle in the traditional way to packaging, our experts will conduct several quality tests. Now satisfy your taste buds with the mesmerizing pickles of Nellara.

Celebrate Indian Cuisine with Nellara

Nellara, as a well-known food ingredient supplier, focuses on providing the best Indian products to customers while retaining all of their natural flavors. We have production units in the UAE and India which work together to introduce Indian cuisine to unknown parts of the world. If you own a cafeteria or a restaurant and are in need of traditional Indian food ingredients, then Nellara is the right option for you.


From Palakkadan matta rice to different types of pickles, Nellara brings out all the uniqueness of Indian cuisine at an affordable price for consumers. We welcome you all to explore Indian cuisine with us to truly bring out its lofty flavours to the world.