Nellara, Chief of the Food Processing Companies in Dubai

Indian dishes and their spices are widely known around the world for their distinctive flavors and tastes. Nellara has been the face of the food processing companies in Dubai for many decades now, delivering Indian aromatic spices and food products to different parts of the world with quality.

What makes us stand out from others is the way we operate our business, which focuses on producing standard products while meeting consumer expectations. 

Nellara has a wide range of items in its catalogue, from spices to ready-to-cook and eat products, and our manufacturing units in Dubai and Kerala meet the standard requirements for a food processing company in a highly professional way.

Nowadays, it’s a challenge to keep on delivering quality food products consistently because of the high demands from consumers, but Nellara is well equipped with modern facilities and always strives each day to provide the best for our customers without losing its purity.

What Makes Nellara Popular Among Food Processing Companies in Dubai?

What makes a company go from good to great is the difference in the products it makes amid the competition from its competitors. Our focus is on making customers pleased with our products and building our legacy as one of the best food processing companies in Dubai.

Each and every product of ours is well researched and manufactured under modern technologies without losing its true essence. Every stage of the manufacturing process is carried out by following the basic protocols such as hand washing, footwear and headwear. 

Every raw material we use in the manufacturing process is well supervised by adequate individuals and acting as a team, they work every day to prevent food hazards. What makes Nellara peculiar is that we always incorporate modern technologies with traditional methods to make sure each of our products meets the expectations of our customers.

Nellara is Ready to Cook and Eat With You

We offer a broad variety of food products for our customers to pick from. Our ready-to-cook and eat products consist of dosa and idli batter, wheat parotta, etc. Every raw material we use in our products is manufactured by our own factories, so we can guarantee its freshness and quality. Nellara owes its success to the committed staff who work around 24 hours a day in working shifts. Our instant-cook food products are well monitored to make sure they keep up the quality and taste as promised to our customers.

Nellara is well known for letting people know of its presence across the Middle East by providing quality spices and food products that are hand-picked from the finest South Indian crops. We can assure you that any product from us is of high quality and true essence. Our rich tradition of being a superior food production company in the Middle East has made us a trusted name in the Indian households of Dubai.

Nellara Serves Quality in Every Aspect.

We owe a great deal to our customers for their faith and support in us as one of the most reputable food processing companies in Dubai. Nellara is one of the largest wholesale distributors and exporters of Indian food products such as different curry masalas, oil, and ready-to-cook and eat products.

Our presence is widely spread across four continents, and every product, including spices, is well distributed to the customers without any damage. Over the years, Nellara has been delivering several food products like ready-to-cook and eat by reserving their taste and flavors without any additives. We take pride in ourselves in spreading the flavors of Indian cuisine across the globe