Spice Powders From Nellara, the Top Food Manufacturer in the UAE

Indian cuisine is as diverse as its land, and its distinct flavours are an integral part of it. Since ancient times, spices have been the core secret of Indian cuisine. Let it be any of your favourite Indian foods; there will be at least one spice added to flavour that dish. Nellara is one of the premier food manufacturers in the U.A.E that focuses on providing top quality food products to embrace the true flavours of South Indian spices into the households of every Indian food lover. For decades, we have been providing the exact taste of South Indian flavours, and there is no compromise on quality. Nellara offers you the exact essence of your favorite Indian dishes, just like you prepare them in your Kerala kitchen.


The Nellara group has been the partner of many Keralites and food industries in the U.A.E for decades and emphasizes natural and organic food products. Because of its high-quality items for the general public, Nellara has become a household name in the U.A.E. Talking about the importance of spices in South Indian dishes is like mentioning the colour orange with its name itself. They are inextricably linked to one another and are dependent on one another. 

One Among The Top Food Manufacturers in the U.A.E

Indian spices are full of aroma and fragrance, and they contain a high concentration of properties that are essential for good health. They are also world-famous as appetizers and digestive sources to maintain good health. Spices have their role to play in Indian food culture, from a minute-made dish to an overnight cooked dish. With a rich history of food production, the Nellara has been the trusted ambassador of Indian spices for a long time and one of the best food manufacturers in the U.A.E.

Good food products focus on quality and taste, which has been the true core objective of Nellara food product groups. The following are some of the top spice powders of Nellara, which enrich cuisines and recipes while also providing tremendous health and medicinal benefits.

What does it offer for the food industries in UAE? 


Kashmiri chilly powder is distinctive from other spices because of its hotness, unique flavours, and the bright red colour it gives to the food. Nellara food products have been providing the true essence of Kashmiri chilly powder to Kerala households and the food industries in the UAE without any colour additives.



Turmeric is known as the “Golden Spice” due to its appealing colour and the importance it holds in Indian culinary tradition. It is used as a food spice and also as a health herb. Its strong and earthy flavour of it makes the dishes super tasty.



The scent of coriander is lemony, with traces of green and woody elements. It adds a strong as well as a mild flavour to the dishes. It has remarkable cooling characteristics and increases blood circulation in the body.



The chilly powder has a separate fan base among foodies because of its raw red colour and its hot character. It can be used as a seasoning agent or be used as an extra spice factor. Chilly powder completes Indian cuisine with its unique flavour.



Because of its diverse conditions of production, black pepper is one of the most expensive spices of all and is known as “Black Gold”. Black pepper brings a fresh aroma and flavour to Indian dishes.


Nellara food products are committed to offering the true, authentic essence of Indian spices to households and the food industries in the U.A.E.We value our loyal customers’ trust in us as the top food manufacturer in the U.A.E. and it’s our principle as well as our responsibility to bring the true celebration of Indian cuisine to your meals.