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Discover and Indulge in the Authentic Indian Aroma of Food products

Kerala has long been known as the cradle of spices where you can find the best spices in the world cultivated, produced and shipped in abundance. If you’re seeking for fine quality food products to add Indian essence to your daily meals, we are your best choice!

Nellara is one of the leading food products manufacturers and distributors of raw food materials of traditional and authentic Indian spices and raw materials in Dubai at Happy prices.

We offer you the best Indian foods retaining all their essence as made in your own Kerala home kitchens and along with that, We ensure fair trade in all our food product supplies and exports. Since We have large varieties of food products, we have placed them in certain sections for our customer’s easy access and they are featured products, heat and serve products, breakfast products, ghee products etc. features products are the most demanded products from our customers from each corner of the globe and those are one of the Top-selling food products of nellara. We are experts in selling and shipping food products in both wholesale and retail across the world.

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Wake up your Taste buds with our Handpicked Customer's Favourites!

Our natural and organic manufactured food products range of spices and aromatic food products are just perfect for both regular home cooking and for professional cooks. Each and every product of Nellara on our website are handpicked, processed and manufactured by using fresh spices under well-sterilized machines. Our featured products show our most demanded and customer favourites from our food products. Our spices have the ability to enhance and bring extraordinary changes to your meals with our aroma and goodness. Whatever spices you need, we can deliver to you on time. The fine quality of our spices and products is simply apparent from the fact that they come to you straight from the gardens or farms of spice growing regions of Kerala.

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Nellara manufactured food products are shipped worldwide to both wholesalers and retail whether smallscale or largescale enterprises. We are experts in shipping bulk amounts of goods and food materials based on the type and size of your orders on time!