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Satisfying Health and Happiness with Exotic Indian flavours!

India is broadly celebrated as the spice bowl of the world! The spice route, which was initiated in India a number of years ago, is evident that spices were one of the ancient exports and that's why it still remains a major milestone in our culture. Even India remains a major spice supplier and one of the major food manufacturing companies export businesses that can easily thrive in the marketing and shipping industries.Nellara is a well-known name among food manufacturing companies and food lovers in Dubai as we have a rich history of serving our buyers with superior quality Whole Spices and Grounded Spices. We are actively engaged in exporting and supplying spices used in almost all Kerala meals such as idiyappam powders, various types of rices, biryani spices, Turmeric Powders, chilli powder, Red Chili powder, Dry Red Chili, Coriander Powder, Coriander Whole, Garam Masala Powder, Black Pepper Whole and powder, ketchup, jams and almost every essence you just need for making a delicious south Indian meal can be ordered in bulk or quality you just need!

Our finest quality spices powders such as Black Pepper powder, Curry Powder, Red chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Kitchen king masala, coconut oil, heat and serves products, dal, pickles, rice, vegetable paste, meat masala powder and many more exotic blended spices and raw products along with the flours, Amla Powder, Salts etc. Our prime focus and aim of Nellara food manufacturing company are in providing the finest, hygienic spices and food materials that enhance and bring an Indian touch to your meals and aroma to your everyday meals.

With our hygienic and modern technology practices, we always made sure that our Spices Powder that we supply are made in safe environments and undergone quality check to make sure the quality and standard of each and every product are international and the Best!