Nellara’s Top-Notch Breakfast Products

There’s a famous saying that “cooking is an art; an art that needs just the correct techniques to get the taste right.” As a versatile community, Indians are really proud of their food culture and are jubilant about the ingredients incorporated into its preparation.

Dubai is home to many people that come from divergent backgrounds, but Indians, as the largest expats in the country, are always looking for traditional foods that make them happy and healthy. Nellara, as a reputed food manufacturer, has been providing authentic Indian food products, including breakfast products, at affordable prices.


Our manufacturing units in the UAE and India offer a wide range of conventional Kerala products made with top-graded food ingredients. We also focus on freshly prepared jams, natural fruit syrups, etc. to meet the growing demands of consumers.

By blending both traditional and modern techniques, Nellara satisfies every food lover, regardless of their age. Our vision is to become a food manufacturing company in the Middle East that brings the nostalgia and uniqueness of Indian cuisine to our consumers without losing its quality.

Healthy Breakfast Products from Nellara

Breakfast is the first meal of the day and the most important one too. A healthy breakfast replenishes the body and mind, giving energy for the entire day. Nellara focuses on authentic Kerala breakfast products by including puttu powders, roasted uppuma rava, idli and dosa powder, and so on.


All our food products are manufactured under the supervision of qualified personnel and tested through a number of required parameters before being dispatched to the market.

If you’re a South Indian food lover or from Kerala and living in Dubai, you probably miss that crispy dosa or soft idli that you used to have for breakfast back at your home, and Nellara presents you with many breakfast choices to choose from an extensive line of traditional Kerala style food products.

We also offer ready-to-cook breakfast food products to save your time and allow you to enjoy some of your favourite dishes instantly. Nellara is dedicated to adding more breakfast options to its catalogue in the future to fulfill the needs of every Kerala food lover.

Refresh Yourself With Our Natural Fruit Syrups


Everyone loves to have freshly prepared drinks made with natural fruit syrups. It makes your taste buds fall in love with the pleasantly tangy flavours. Nellara is committed to bringing the natural flavours of fruits through bottled fruit syrups.

Made from sustainably sourced fruits, our fruit syrups can bring you close to experiencing the true celebration of sweetness. Our products are genuine and produced in accordance with sanitary standards.


We don’t use any colouring agents or any sort of preservatives to make it more attractive and tastier. At reasonable prices, Nellara provides passion fruit syrup, jackfruit crush and nannari syrup.

Our fruit syrups can be used not just for drinking but also to sweeten foods such as fruits and baked goods. It can also be used to drizzle over desserts. The time you feel tired or run out of energy, you can have our exquisite fruit syrups for refreshment.

Nellara Makes You Fall in Love With Food


Nellara makes you fall in love with food and also makes your cooking easier! Our breakfast products have been used by many Indian households in Dubai for a long time now.

We are the first brand name that comes to the minds of people when they’re looking for traditional food products such as direct powders, natural fruit syrups, etc. By delivering promises to customers, Nellara has played an important role in spreading Indian food culture in the Middle East.