Enjoy Indian Cuisine from the Leading Food Production Company in Dubai

Nellara has been the ambassador of Indian flavors in the Middle East, bringing authentic tastes to your homes. Without taking any risk on the quality and by keeping the true essence of food products, we have built ourselves into the leading food production company in the UAE From spices to ready-to-cook products, our food production range is broad and attractive. If you’re looking to make your favourite Indian dish in your kitchen, then Nellara offers you the spices to make it an enjoyable feast.

Every food product of Nellara has gone through a quality check and is produced in a safe environment by infusing the latest technology. As a result, Nellara has become one of the best Indian spice brands in Dubai as a result of their commitment to quality and goal-oriented results in providing Indian spices without losing their essence. Customers are the lifeblood of any business, and for the past two decades, their love for our products and loyalty have made us proud of our accomplishments and motivated us to continue providing them with products that meet their expectations.


By serving quality, Nellara became a pioneering food production company in Dubai.

Nellara’s products are hand-picked, processed, and made using fresh spices in well-sterilized machinery. Let it be whole spices or ground spices, we have a rich tradition of delivering quality products without any additives or adulteration. Being a food production company in Dubai, our customers expect a lot from us because each product or spice reminds them of home, so we are proud and also responsible for serving quality. If you’re looking to order in bulk or quality-just-in-need, we are here to take your order.

Food products made by Nellara are distributed internationally to wholesalers and retailers, small and large businesses alike. We are professionals at delivering large quantities of goods and food materials on time, based on the type and size of your orders! Our wide range of food products also contributes to our worldwide recognition as a reputed Indian food manufacturer.

Nellara is setting the bar high as the best Indian spice brand.

Spices have been India’s unparalleled wealth since ancient times, and each Indian dish has a certain number of spices to make it a truly flavoured dish. If you’re looking to have authentic spices without losing their soul, then Nellara is the best option for you. From whole spices to grounded spices, as the best Indian spice brand, we offer any type of spice to our customers just as they want it. In our production, we have almost every spice and curry masala.

We provide you with the best Indian spices that preserve all of their flavours as if they were prepared in your own Kerala kitchens, as well as ensure fair trade in all of our food product supply and exports. Nellara never compromises on quality, and our customers justify it with their love for each of our products. It doesn’t matter which part of the world you are in, we can reach you and deliver your favourite Nellara product.


Nellara Delivers Excellence With Flavour

Since 1993, we have been labelled as the finest food production company in Dubai, and our team is dedicated to providing you with a professional business by offering big discounts. To be the best Indian spice brand, one should be responsible and whole food products should meet the expectations of Indian cuisine lovers. For years, Nellara has provided excellent business deals for customers, but the foremost objective is always quality food products.